Speaker / turntable recommendation & advice - B&W CM4? Technics SL1200Mk2?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm just getting into 'real' hifi and have just signed up to this forum, so any recommendations are really appreciated.

I thought to build my HIFI from second hand since I'm new to this and I figure it is the best way to get more for less for my first set up. Is this false economy though especially in relation to speakers? I mean does speaker technology move quite quickly such that old speaker lines which finished 10 years ago but cost £1000 are really only worth £300 or less now (like for example PC parts)? How about other components, amps etc?

I have the opertunity to buy B&W CM4 speakers for £165 and have been told that these speakers are/were worth over £1000 new. My listening room is quite small 3.5m X 4.5m, is that too small for such speakers? Would these speakers be any good for electronic and rock, how about Jazz? Then any recoomendations for what kind of amp to drive them?


I used to DJ a lot and still own a pair of technics SL1200 MK2 - how will they sound with a good HIFI setup, would they be recommended and what stylus to use with them?

Sorry for a whole bunch of newbie questions!




Re: speakers,

I dont know about the particular speakers you specify, but I can say that my old man has some Wharfedale Laser 100s and the original Wharfedale Diamonds, and they still sound fab today, despite being from the 70's.