Speaker suggestions to partner a Roksan Kandy MKIII


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Feb 5, 2008
Hi, I have just bought a Kandy on ebay and am now looking to change my speakers. I have a set of KEF Q55s, and a marantz 6000 ki sig cd player....what would people recommend to partner the kandy and marantz? I have never been entirely happy with the KEFs, and feel that I could get more from what I have. Have been gutted to find out today that the Quad L series of speakers arent magneticaly shielded.....these had been rather high in my thinking. Cheers Ben


Depends on your budget but I really really like Proac 130 and the 110 and Sig 8. I've not heard the pairings but have been recommended PMC GB1 or DB1s. My Proac suggestion is Kandy L3 set up with Kandy CDP. Not listened to your Marantz. I do have a pair of Kef Q1s with my Kandy set up and its not ideal, but a Beresford DAC (£100) smoothed things out a lot for me until I can afford the speaker upgrade.


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Sep 6, 2007
The Kef's are naff... Sorry to be blunt but i've never liked their speakers. I dont think the 'uni-q' driver system works well

The Kandy is a stunning amp and i auditioned it a while back, with and without the matching power amp and CDP with various speakers at Sevenoaks. The speakers i tried were the B&W 685's and 684's, Monitor Audio BR5's, RS6's and RS8's and some Spendor's which i didnt like at all. Lacked oomph and control.

The B&W 685's sounded brilliant with the Kandy and they were on Drednought stands loaded with atabites, the 685's were well run in though with over 200hours usage, i listened to a set that had less than 50hours and there was a significant difference in the midrange and bass timing, so if you do demo some, make sure theyre well run in!

With regards to the 684's they were superb as well but for some reason i didnt think they were going as low as they could have been, maybe they werent run in as much either but i never asked. The M/A BR5's didnt sound good at all, a bit floppy and the bass was muddy. The RS6's and RS8's were superb. Both had approx 100hours running time and they sounded amazing. The bass was deep and tight, the treble was a little forward but that can soon be sorted with matching a good source and the midrange was timed well and smooth/detailed.

The RS8's went very low but sometimes the bass was a little OTT so i went back to the RS6's for another hour, using Fun Lovin Criminals, Nelly Furtardo, Hed Kandi, Daft Punk, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull as my demo CD's (yes i mentioned Jethro Tull lol)

The RS6's won outright to me. I went back a week later with my Arcam Alpha 9 set-up and demo'd them again (along side an Arcam A90 as well which was bloody awful) and i bought them within 30mins!


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