Speaker stands opinions?


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Apr 28, 2012
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Hi im very new to all this, but after been given some B&W 601 S2 speakers ive realised how good things can sound if you spend a little money!

Im just wondering how much difference stands can make? Im looking to upgrade the B&W's and Speakers ive been looking at like the Triangle Colour bookshelf, are recommended to be used with custom design FS104 sig stands which are £190. Is there much difference between those and something thing like the soundstyle Z2 which are only £70?

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I'm probably not the best person to respond, but looking at your speakers, I personally wouldn't spend anymore than £150.00. There will be a difference between a 'cheapo' set ans a more expensive stand, but would be fair subtle.

The one stand I have used and impressed with is Kudos. They ususally retail around £200, but can be had for £60-£70.00


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