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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi again,

i have yet another question on speakers for the forum.

would some low sensitive speakers with a low power handling ( such as ls3/5a ) sound 'better' ( i know, I know - subjective, but humour me :) ) than low sensitive speakers with a higher power handling? The speakers must be small.


I have some Pure Malt speakers that are about 84db sensitivity that really don't sound great until im putting the qute to above 50% - then they start sound quite lovely. Unfortunatley I tend to have to keep the volume level to about 30-40%. Would a similar sensitive speaker but lower power handling ( ie built to expect lower power ) be better suited for me?

Or am i completely missing the piont.

thanks, yet again.


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Jul 25, 2011
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The LS3/5a were 15ohm or 11ohm, which is unusual, but their impedence was around 82db if I remember correctly so they were fairly easy to drive. They were designed primarily as monitors for BBC outside broadcast vans, and were intended for accuracy over their frequency range. They were also designed for close listening, as in an outside broadcast van or similar., and for low volumes.

If you have a small room the LS3/5a type of speaker - the small Harbeths, Spendor, Stirling Broadcast - are fine. They'll sound good at lower volumes. However, they don't do loud at all, and forget about deep bass. The Harbeths also need an amp with decent power output to get the best from them.


thanks lemon & chebby.

so, does it mean that something 'like' an ls35a will sound better at low volumes because it's not made for higher volumes - as opposed to the Harbeth's which you say need a bit of oomph to sound at their best?


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