speaker choice for biamping onkyo 605 plus dipoles


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Aug 10, 2019
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hi people. !

i'm new to the forum but have been an avid reader of the mag. anyway, i just got the av receiver awardee onkyo tx-sr605. i paired it with my existing dvd player, rear projection tv and 5.1 speakers. my current setup is a bit of a hybrid of previous gears i had.

i have the pioneer dv-490s with hdmi upconversion up to 1080i but i connected it to the receiver by component cables. the receiver outputs it through the hdmi port to my jvc hd55g456 (720p rear projection tv). my current speakers are a set of wharfedale modus center, front and rear sets with a 100watt powered woofer from sony.

they sound pretty good to me now (especially since i used the audessy speaker setup) but i plan to upgrade in the future to a pair of floorstanding or even a pair od standmounters for the front speakers which i'll bi-amp, plus a pair of dipole speakers, new powered subwoofer and center speakers.

what suggestions can you make to optimise my current setup? my av room is about 1200 square feet, relatively reverb free. i'd like to use the setup for music listening too.

i'm considering the following speaker choices:

fronts: mordaunt short ms914 or wharfedale diamond 9.1

center: mordaunt short or wharfedale equivalent of the fronts

dipoles: above equivalents

subwoofer: ms 906 or wharfedale sw150
if a little extra on cash i might consider the b&w 685 thanks for your time


follow up question:

will the surround sound be better if i use dipoles together with a pair of biamped front sepakers? or will a full 7.1 system sound better?

can the onkyo 605 handle 4 ohms impedance speakers?