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Aug 10, 2019
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Another request for advice regarding speaker cables please.

Ive reviewed the What Hifi Mag and had shortlisted a few cables but then got carried away and spent more money on my speakers than I was expecting. Also having trouble as the local QED dealer wont lend me any cables (despite badgering) to test em out. used to have some nameless stuff from Richer sounds for my old set up. tried out the Van den Hull CS122 which i am currently bowrrowing and using from the local dealer (a different one) which is connected to the fronts. Tried out the chord rumour but that seemed a bit harsh. now have different cables for fronts, centre and rears so not ideal. will be buying quite a lot of cable as the room is quite large. would be ideal if the rears cable could be put under carpet.

current system: Arcam 300 AVR amp connected via a range of cables to B&W XT4s XTC and XT2 rears. PV1 connected via a QED Sub cable. using a QED coaxial interconnect form an Arcam DV79 and for CD playback using chord analogue interconnects. the QED cables are about 8 years old and they were about £30 at the time but the numbers on the dont seem to mean anything to anyone anymore so I assume they have been replaced.

distance to rears about 5 to 6m

I bought the B&Ws to be future proof as intend to upgrade the arcam stuff as funds allow and things move on. I need some cables that will do them justice for now and the future. any advice would be appreciated. thankyou


What did you think of the CS122? I've got the Tea Track which is the biwire version and its improved my stuff no end. I thought the Chord Rumour was too bright also.


I like the CS122 but then I have had a rather limited exposure to other cables for comparison. they seem very robust anyway and so may cope under the carpet. Ill prob stick with them. thanks for imput chaps


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