Speaker Cable Upgrade Advice Please


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Oct 18, 2014
Hi Folks, my first post so please be gentle :)

I am currently running an Audiolab 8000s amp, Kef 104/2 speakers (non biwire version),custom interconnects. A Dacmagic1 that has been custom upgraded with audio grade capacitors. And a Philips CD 723 (Due for mod at some point soon), as well as an M-Audio Delta 410 sound card from my audioPC. Custom SPDIF Cables.

The weak link right now I feel is the monitor audio pureflow speaker cable. Approx 1.5mm conductor dia.

I originally bought this for my old set of kef q1's and while it has served me quite well over the years, it has been bugging me for a while and needs replacing after upgrading just about everything else. It is far too small a gauge i feel for the Kef's.

I Have been considering the following candidates:

QED XT 40 @ £10/m

Audioquest FLX SLIP 14/4 @ £5.80/m

Does anyone have experience of these 2 cables, and does the QED warrant almost double the price?

Unfortunately I cant find anywhere where I may be able to try these before I buy, so going by reviews these seem 2 of the best for the money.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


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Aug 21, 2009
Personally, I'd get some Linn K20 off ebay....and sell it on at little loss if you don't like it.


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I think your speaker cable is perfectly good enough, please don't get brainwashed by the literature from these cable makers, they're just trying to sell you overpriced products. And any reviews that state that they can hear things in the music that they'd never heard before, or that it's really opened up the bass, are just hearing what they want to hear to justify the expense of buying the cable. Amps and speakers make the most difference, so if you're not happy with your sound, one of those will be the reason.


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