Speaker cable lenght and setup


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Jul 21, 2011
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I'm planning on getting a homecinema set and want to do it right in one go. For these past few days I've been reading forums and reviews and came up with this setup.

Av Receiver: Denon 1911

Surround system: Boston Acoustics A25 x4, A225 center and the ASW 250 subwoofer

There isn't a 5.1 set from BA yet (at least not in the Netherlands) so I'll have to buy all seperate. I've read having the same center as the speakers is important but the subwoofer can be any. So if anyone knows a better sub for the price (300 euro's) I'd love to get some recommendations.

As for the speaker wires. There's kinda a discussion whether brand speaker cables are better than generic speaker cables. Some say the most important thing is the AWG compared to the distance. Longer means lower AWG.

To be save I'm planning on getting the Chord Silver Screen. But it's seems to be 15 AWG. For my rear speakers I'd need around 13 meters of cable per speaker. Will these cables be alright with such a length or do I need a lower AWG/different cable?

Also any recommendations for subwoofer cables? Can't really find any reviews for it.

Your advice would be much appreciated.



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