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Jul 28, 2012
Hi everyone i am new to this forum and def a beginner when it comes to hi fi

I have a Logitech Z-5500-THX 5.1 system and i need to replace the cables since the originals are not long enough

for the new room i installed my tv in.

Being the amateur that i am i first both some random cable in the fnac store but soon realised the sound is not as good as it use to be.

Can anyone please give me any sort of help, suggestion and advice on what to buy for a clear sound?

Many thanks



Speaker cable. Now where to begin.

The system you discribe is not strictly Hi Fi you know. It should be described as an audio visual set up. As such it employs a lot more speakers than the two normally associated with HiFi. This means a lot more cost. For me the main part of any system is the software if you like. I knew a person who owned a system which cost a lot. many thousands this relates to. He only had a few records which he threw on the floor. He was constrained by his Hi FI not pleasured by it. I suggest you cosider your budget first. Say you have just a few pounds to spend, but 5 speakers to wire. You could do worse than use the speaker wire Argos sell. This would leave you with money to spend on films or CDs. If you feel you have a little more to spend then try going to your local dealer, they would be delighted to see you. However a word of warning, dont get dragged into a listening room to hear the latest thing. Remember the software is more important than the hardware. They should have some used speaker wire they will gladly sell. If not then a good rule of thumb is to buy QED or TCI if you have a little more mooney. I use DMN myself which is quite expesive so this is not a good example. I also have some TCI cables which were described in a review as rubbish. They are actually excellent well comparable to the DMNs but need a lot of burn in time. Like weeks. So dont rush to condemn then rush out and buy the b52s first record and forget Hi Fi.


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Feb 5, 2011
Try some 1.5mm or 2.5mm pure copper cable.

Did a quick search for a few prices:

You can get it for well under £2.00 per metre.

A drum of 20metres of 79 strand 2.5mm cable cost less than £30.00!

I'm currently using cheap unbranded 1.5mm cable and it sounds better than the £12.50/metre Chord Rumour it replaced!

Cables can have an effect on the sound but not always for the better.

If that doesn't do the job try to see what sort of cable you had before, if it was copper or silver coated or whatever and try to find something similar to give the same tonal balance.

No point in spending £100.00 plus on cable when £30.00 will do the job!

Also you say that you've changed to room?

The system will sound different so changing cables might not have any effect.

I take it that the new room is larger as you need longer cables?

Therefore the speakers are in a new configuration. They will sound different.



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