Speaker cable – what to buy for my setup?


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Aug 10, 2019
I have a Musical fidelity B200 amp complete with 2 Acoustic solutions AV-120 speakers (as reviewed here http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews1109.html)

I am looking for some speaker cable to use with this setup. One cable needs to be 12.5ft and the other cable 7.5ft. I only just purchased this equipment and someone gave me some speaker cable; however the cable is really old with a few breaks in it. Also I don't think the plugs are correct on the ends - please see these photos:



My question is what cable do people recommend to compliment my setup? What plugs should be at the ends of the cable (speakers and amp), and can I buy these pre fitted?

As for my budget I am just looking for something that is reasonable quality that will complement what I have. As you can see I am not running a very expensive setup, but at the same time I don't want some cheap Chinese tat. Does anyone have any recommendations / links detailing something suitable?


I would have a good look on ebay for cables like Van de hul or QED which you can buy used so pre run in with banana plugs fitted.

The plugs on your current cables are correct, bananas will stick out a bit but perfect.

If you see a cable just google it for a review, there are a lot of good cables out there that will run well with your system and by buying used you can get cable that you really would not want to pay full price for!

Good luck in your hunt



should there be banana plugs at the amp end as well as the speaker end? It's just the current ones seem a very loose fit? Are they all standard size?

I will take a look on Ebay, but does anyone have any links to something suitable, either new or used?
Hi david151

I stand to be corrected however your existing speaker cables look like standard 79 strand OFC. Anyway i'll recommend replacing your existing cables with some standard 79 strand OFC speaker cables or standard speaker cables with several hundred strands of OFC. These speaker cables will cost very little and they will be more then good enough for your amplifier and speakers.

Btw, i'll also suggest terminating the ends of the speaker cables with (nothing fancy) 4mm banana plugs.

All the best

Rick @ Musicraft


This cable would be fine and is priced per metre so that you can order your exact sizes.

Banana plugs would also be needed and these are available separately from somewhere like Maplin...

Copy and paste this link for the speaker cable::


Copy and paste this link for the banana plugs: