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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, I am looking to upgrade my current amplifier and speaker set up, which i've had for about 5 years now. Im franticly saving in the hope I will have enough put aside to upgrade towards the end of the year. I am looking forward to the 'WHFSV' show in November, so I can have the opportunity to sample lots of shiny things first hand!

Im hoping my budget will be somewhere in the region of £2,500, but am prepared to spend that extra bit if needs be. My main use for the set up will be to watch HD films via my PS3 or XBOX HD-DVD. Im specificly looking for one of the new breeds of amp that can decode the latest HD audio formats. I know there are a few coming out over the next few months. I will certainly be buying the magaaine in the run up till Christmas to learn what the professionals lean towards.

My current set up is - AMP - Pioneer VSX-D2011

SPEAKERS - KEF - centre Q9c,

surrounds KEF - Q8s

KEF - Q3 as my front speakers.

SUB - Mordaunt-Short MSW20.

Im fairly happy with the current set up but it can sometimes be a bit harsh sounding particularly from the centre speaker.

Room dimensions length 16 ft width 10 ft.

Any advice, opinions or input would be welcomed.

Thanks in advance


uh oh, nearly slipping off the first page and into 'page 2' limbo! Can anyone help?

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
Sorry, you seemed to get a bit lost there!

Receiver-wise, the Pioneer's an excellent piece of kit, but can verge on the aggressive at times, so this might not be helping that harshness. We've got a big round-up of £1000, next-gen receivers in the issue that's out next week, so i'm sure you'll get some inspiration there.

I'd be tempted to make that upgrade (which would also suit your PS3 re immiment firmware upgrade for HD sound formats) before changing the speakers as well - though it won't hurt to hear some demos (tthese look interesting, for example) while you're out buying your new amp.

Plenty of new speaker-package inspiration to come in-mag before the Show, too.


Thank you for your comments. You have been very helpful.


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