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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi - I'm already convinced by the review of the Onkyo TX-SR605. I don't intend to go 7.1 (assume the amp whilst 7.1 will have a 5.1 option?). I have a Sony KDL-40W2000 full HD TV but have yet to experienced Hi-Def on it - I have a Sony DVD recorder connected via HDMI (1080i upscaled) and intend to add Sky HD and initially a PS3, with probably another HD player in the future. As the TV has 2 HDMI inputs - even though potentially I could sacrifice the dvd recorder - an amp that allows upscaling (or pass through) 1080p would be my requirement.

I own 3 Kef egg (HTs2005.1) and a Yamaha DSP-E800 processor from a former set-up and intend to sell them to raise some funds. Speakers need to be small to meet approval for my lounge - was considering from reviews the JAMO A102HCS5. (I could finance them just by selling all the above bits).

As the JAMOs are only £250 (and cheaper online) - would they do the amp justice? I like the sound of the AE AEGO T's but they're more than double the price ... the lounge is big but the AV setup will be for one half of it - say 4m x 3.5m. Stereo at the other end hence the need for small speakers to avoid total takeover! Any advice?


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Sep 6, 2007
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My lounge is 17ft X 12ft (I don't do metres!). I have the Jamos linked up to a similar quality receiver (not quite as good) and have the same LCD as you. The speakers are superb. I bought them as part of the all in one box from Jamo before I started reading this magazine. The picture from the DVD player was terrible. I sold the box which was DVD and receiver in one and kept the speakers as the sound was excellent. By linking it up to a decent receiver, I am more than happy with the results. The sub is also powerful and gives good noise too! I'm sure there are similar speakers that can sound as good within your price range (although the Jamos went on to win best style package under £500), however I haven't seen any that look half as good wall mounted with cables hidden away.