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Aug 10, 2019
Hi. I need some advice on the soundbars and would be very grateful if somebody could assist. There are so many that im still just as confused as i was when i started looking.

I dont mind too much about achieving surround sound, but i want quality sound and a sub.

I want to be able to plug in my i pod.

I need to be able to watch DIVX movies through it

My budget is under £800.

I originally wanted something with wi fi but I can live without this if smart tvs are going to be the next must have item.

I really liked the look LG with its blu ray but what hi have only given it a 3 star, however it is now half its original price.



We just bought the SAMSUNG HWD 570. It comes with a wireless sub, and a wireless ipod dock. 2 HDMI in, 1 out. 2 Optical in, 1 x phono jack in. It handles DDHD sound.

The sound is really good. We got it for a small, square room and a small (40") TV. It's not our main viewing room, but we wanted a better sound output than our TV has. This lovely-looking bit of kit delivers solid bass, good separation and awarm, rich sound.

There are no wires, which is very appealing to the other inhabitant of the house.

The sound quality from our Apple TV (ie my I-tunes folder - so the ipod dock is a bit redundant for me) is lovely.


One note though. You will need to buy some new micro HDMI - HDMI lead if you want full value from the system. It comes with 1 lead and a 2xRCA - Phono (for analogue output from TV), but if you want to run your BD player through it and back into the TV then you'll need at least another lead.

I guess if your TV handles HDMI 1.4 return channel, then you might get away with just the one lead, but not the one they give you (it's not 1.4).

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
We've just reviewed the above Samsung - and five other sound bar variants (with and without Blu-ray players, docks etc), from £180-£800. Group Test in next issue, being posted out to subscribers late next week; in shops/available as digital edition by August 24th


I downgraded from a full ~£2.5k surround system (which I wasn't getting much use out of) to the Yamaha yhts400.

Perfectly happy - nothing like the same experience for whizz-bang style films of course, but we're not really into those and it's a great upgrade for the TV/films with stereo soundtracks. RRP is £400 or £450, but now available for £299 delivered if you Google. A bargain in my eyes.


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