Sound Bar Via Arc or Optical (also which Sound Bar)


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Sep 12, 2014
First off, sorry for the barrage of info and questions. My understanding from some brief reading is as follows:

Sound Bars do not play true 5.1 audio.
Using HDMI Arc will not send HD audio to my soundbar from my TV. (true or false)
To get HD audio from my PS4, Bluray & Sky I would need to use HDMI cables direct to the Sound bar using Arc to forward on the picture to the TV (true or false)

Now, if my sound bar isnt playing true 5.1 audio, then surely it doesnt matter whether I attach the sky box, PS4 etc to the Tv and use the Optical cable to send all the audio from the TV to the sound bar, one cable neat n tidy?

Am i confusing 5.1 with HD audio?
Would my set up sound better with everything coming from my TV to the soundbar, or everything going to the sound bar then on to the TV?

My problem is that the 4 Sound bars I am torn between, some have no HDMI inputs but are very highly rated, but the cheaper ones have HDMI Arc inputs and outputs.

Canton DM50 or Philips HTL5120 or Yamaha YSP-1400 or LG NB4530A or Q Acoustics Media 4 (my tv: LG 42LA640)

Thank you in advance for any help?!?!


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Jan 3, 2015
Its a shame you did not get a reply to this, these are many of the questions I need help with.

Did you get answers elsewhere - would appreciate any feedback.


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Apr 1, 2010
soundbars are a single box not 5 speakers and a sub,the more expensive yamahas will make a go of it,the best your tv can output is dolby digital 5.1,hd audio is only available from blueray ie dolby true hd and dts master audio 5.1 and 7.1,these hd formats can only be sent over hdmi,best option connect all your sources with hdmi to soundbar and tv and optical from tv to sound bar.


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