Sony XR-48A90K


Mar 16, 2023
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Partly based on What HiFi's 5 star review, I have recently bought a Sony A90K (XR-48A90K). Certainly no quibbles with the picture and I suggest the sound is better than indicated in the review. What is missing from the review is an assessment of the TVs ease of use. This is something that I find to be a significant the point that I am considering returning it.
Let me say first that we have a simple broadband connection - no Sky or other provider. Until now, we have used Freeview Humax recorder for watching and recording TV and a Roku stick for other streaming services. We are used to recording programmes for subsequent viewing and the facility to use a HDD drive on the Sony was one of its selling points. But oh how convoluted that is. It is impossible to search the Youview guide and I haven't yet found a way to pause live TV or record the programme I am watching, both of which seem to be part of YouView but maybe not on this TV. There is no record button on either remote (oh why do I have to have 2 remotes?)
I've read suggestions that one should disable Youview but that doesn't seem possible - there are videos on Youtube but these refer to Android TVs. I did find the ability to disable 'Live TV and Youview' together but that doesn't help as I then don't have the TV.
If anyone has some suggestions as to how to make this TV easier to use, especially to search the guide and set up recording, then I would really appreciate that input.


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