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Aug 10, 2019
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The problem I am having, is that I am fast becoming over researched, if that makes sense. I have been to too many shops, asking the same questions, which invariably have slightly different answers, and everyone has their favourites.

I am after a TV, an AV receiever, some sort of sorround sounds system (but trying to keep my orignal speakers) and some sort of DVD player.

Sony KDL W2000. This was my first choice until I read the review for the new Samsung 40 M87D in the lastest WHF?S&V. I went into Sevonoaks, and they suggested the Samsung, it is newer, I think it looks nicer. Now I start reading some other forum entries, and people are slagging off SD on these sorts of TV's. I don't have Sky, and am choosing to wait for a HD/BR winner. I have freeview and hope the signal will be good enough. I will have to get good cables etc. So question 1 is, which is the best TV?

Second, Receivers, this is a complicated area, I have no idea which device should be doing the upscaling, be it the Receiver or the DVD player. I Was thinking of getting the DVD PVR that Sony do. Currently they have an offier that includes the KDL W 2000 with the RDRx870 and 5 year warranty on the TV for £1300 which is a good price I recon. Is the player any good as a DVD player. I know it has the upscaler. Which Reciever to go for is now complicated, since everywhere I go, people bad mouth Sony, and I was thinking of using the STR1200ES, but sevonoaks recommend the Yamaha something or other.

Help a very lost person.


You can get the KDL40D3000 ( in my view a better TV 1366 X 768) than the KDLW2000 for £1,299.00 plus the alleged Free 5 Year Warranty ( which actually built into the cost of the total Price) from the SONY shop plus around and additional £100 for the RDRX870, though if you ask they will substitute the DVD for a Wall Mount bracket if you ask.

With it's ability to reprodruce excellent SD pictures and the latest 1.3 HDMI facility to play 1080p/24fps you are also future proofed, especially if you don't also buy a new Blu Ray Player just now but wait until October when the new agreed official BD Java Players will hit the market, as some Blu Ray Discs may no longer be able to be played on the new machines when they come out.

My advice would be to buy the SONY separately which you can get for around £885 from and/or and buy either a Pansonic DVD 53, Pioneer 400V or 600AV if you don't want Blu Ray.


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