Sony vs Panasonic. When to pull the trigger...


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Aug 10, 2019
For seven years I have patiently watched the progression from CRT to plasma and the rise of LCD; the switch from component to DVI and HDMI; and SD to 720 and finally 1080p. The end game has been clear, but getting there has seen many early adopters stuck with expensive panels, viewing SD. Even the number of HDMI plugs had to grow to at least 3. Sony's 40W2000 was the first TV to truly catch my eye, but I knew 1 HDMI would never be enough and thought 3 would be the minimum. Sony released the 40W3000 and I was ready to buy myself a Xmas gift - then the reviews rolled in. I discovered your excellent forum and inertia took hold again. Sony suffering motion blur, Panasonic and will any one ever be convinced it handles 24p without a sticker on the front panel and Pioneer's expensive HD ready blacks. My wife also uses the TV and hates cables and remote controls. I believe Sony and Pana allow their remotes to control their respective players... Oh dear..more decisions.. Last Monday, my reasons for procrastination died with my Sony 29in Kirara Basso CRT superstar. It smelt, it smoked and living in Switzerland, the cost of repair and weight of this 14 year old monster meant it was all over. Now an Pana 42PZ70 would cost me 2100 francs (875 quid), SOny 40W3000 2400 (1000) and If I wait to May, the new Panasonic PZ80 with lots of groovy specs, probably 3500 francs (1,500 quid plus). It's a long intro, but is anyone else facing the same circular dilemma? I reckon we are so close to seeing a proper standard of 4 HDMIs, 1080p/24fps but I am soooo sick of waiting. Do I buy the Sony, the Panasonic PZ70, or should I just wait for a 7 1/2 year itch?


It is the age old question - when to buy? Just concentrate on best picture. HDMI sockets can be added later. Good pictures can't.

Anyway, living in Switzerland must mean your rolling in it. Just get a dirty great big projector and point it towards the nearest snow covered mountain. That should impress the neighbours !!


Classic. Not quite the response I was after, but did I enjoy it.


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Dec 28, 2007
If I'm honest with you (and I'm not sure I want to be, but here we are), if I was in your position, I couldn't decide either.

That sounds like bad advice, but the great thing is, hopefully, while you argue with yourself, they release the new spec and then you can buy that and smile.


you definitely hit the nail on the head. I have been having the same problem /dilemma for a long time now too.
I am still not convinced with Sony though. Therefore I have decided to wait until the new Panasonic range is out.
I believe it is worth waiting for another 1-2 months.


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