Sony TA-DA9000ES


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am presently looking into purchasing the Sony TA-DA9000ES amplifier, i have a Sony Blue ray player, Sky HD, Pioneer PDP 50" and PS3, my speakers are Bose jewel cubes (9 Off) with a Bose Sub to go with it. Am i doing the amplifier justice hear with regards the speakers and whats is the best setup for optimum performance out of this amplifier i.e do i run HDMI cables for the audio through the amplifier (If i can) or seperate leads, i have read that a lot of the top end audio formats come through HDMI now, is this amplifier capable of recieving HDMI audio format, what is available through 9.1/7.1 HD audio format at present. Please help.

Adrian Wishshaw

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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The Sony, while a very fine amp, has no HDMI connections whatsoever.It does, however, have 7.1-channel analogue inputs, which could be used with the multichannel analogue outputs on a player with onboard decoding.

You'll need separate optical digital cables from the Sky HD box and PS3 to get surround sound.

It has seven amp channels, but can drive nine speakers: two extra side ones are powered by the same amps as the L/R surrounds, and provide some side fill. So it's not true 9.1 - the only way to get a full 10-channel amp is to buy something like the top-end Denon.

And no, IMHO the Bose speakers are nothing like good enough to make the most of this amplifier's considerable capabilities.


Thanks Andrew

I have all the toys but without the end result i.e amplifier and speakers (Did not think the Bose would be good enough) could you recommend what to buy taking into consideration i would like to take full advantage any 5.1/7.1/9.1 HD audio formats that are available at present.