Sony STR-DH820 paired with Boston Accoustics XS SE - too light?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I was planning on getting the Sony STR-DH820 paired with Boston Accoustics XS SE speakers, mainly because of the 5 star reviews.

However talking to a man in a shop, he said he wouldn't reccomend the pairing as they are both a "light" (I think that's the right term).

I then talked him through my requirements (very helpful guy) and he reccomended the Yammaha RXV371. However I've been unable to find any detailed reviews on it. Does anyone have any experiance pairing my original choices or with the yammha receiver?

I've got a Sony KDL-NX703, so really just looking for a "plain" av reciever with good sound (the tv kinda sucks for vocals on blu-rays).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Why don't you demo both the Sony & the Yamaha with the Boston Acoustics speakers & see which is better to your ears? Your dealer should be able to arrange that.

Pairing two 5 star products won't necessarily give you a 5 star performance. System synergy is very important.


I'd love to demo them, but there is a bit of a lack of AV shops in the area and the ones there are don't have enough space to demo in. Unless... have you heard of shops (there's a Richer Sounds reasonably close), lending out kit for demoing?


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