Sony STR-DA5300ES or Onkyo Equivalent?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hei People,

I'm out to help a colleague here who is out to complement his Bravia TV with a home cinema outfit.

While set on the Tannoy Revolution Signature speakers he's been sizing up the Sony DA5300ES A/V receiver to run everything through. Any thoughts on this model?

This obviously invites comparison to the Onkyo range and my main reason in posting was to ask if there are any glaring errors in siding with the Sony rather with the Onkyo...

My colleague has played around with both systems and the reason for his interest in the Sony model is the user interface, multiple HDMI inputs, upscaling & upconverting and the Theatre Sync options for use with his Bravia...

Is this enough to justify Sony over Onkyo?

Much appreciated.



Hello Neil.

I had the same dilemma myself after upgrading my TV to Sony Bravia 40W3000. I could have gone with Sony 5300ES but chose Onkyo TX-SR 875. My previous AV Receiver was another Onkyo TX-DS 777 but without the HDMI interface. Main decision factor was the reviews on the internet as a demo is really out of question here in Istanbul. One shop (dedicated Sony Shops) will demo but one cannot find the Onkyo and have the two side by side at one Hifi shop.

So I am just running in the new beast (rather heavy and big) and perhaps will compose a report in the coming days.




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