Sony STR-DA5300ES Firmware


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, I bought my 5300ES in November 2007 and the serial number was in the range that was said to have required a firmware update. I called Sony on a number of occasions and they told me that there was no firmware update for the uk models and that it was not a problem, even though I got the "black crush" problem when connecting my xbox via component. Other people in the uk who bought there 5300ES later than me have new firmware's, see my firmware versions below :

A53ES UCA V1.03 3BF0

Video UCOM Ver. 1.03

Faroudja Ver. 1.05

GUI CGROM Ver. 1.03

DSP VCom Ver. 1.03

DSP SFlash Ver. 1.00

DSP PFlash Ver. 1.10

Also fimware versions of others owners :

A53ES UCA V1.08 58B5

UCOM Video Ver. 1.07

Faroudja Ver. 1.06

GUI CGROM Ver. 1.03

DSP VCom Ver. 1.06

DSP SFlash Ver. 1.02

DSP PFlash Ver. 1.21

As you can see my firmware versions are well below what the other peoples are. Has anyone else had any success at getting the update done in the uk ? There is nothing on the sony support site, even though there was an article there originally describing the problem if you serial number fell within those ranges (which mine did).

Any help appreciated.


Yeah I've tried the website and also tried contacting sony (mentioned in my orginal post).



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