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Aug 10, 2019
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I now its an old tv but Im buying the Sony JDL-40W2000 LCD!

After some thought Im like 80% certain to buy the STR-DA5200ES receiver- found a good price of £730 and seeing as its 7.1 surround though would it go with the speakers below!

Or would I be better off going for its cheaper cousin, the SONY STR-DA1200ES?

I was looking at the B&W MT20 5.1 though Id rather pay the extra and go for the B&W MT30 5.1
My question after Ive decide which speaker set to go for is do I need to purchase a sub? I noticed the B&W PV1 SUBWOOFER got a good review etc though it only comes with the MT30 package.

Are those speaker sets a wise choice to go for?

Ive also noticed B&W VM1 centre/AV speakers which go by the side/underneath the tv!

My last question is do I need these seeing as the speaker sets comes with 5 speakers- although they are smaller?

advise very much appreciated on all the above questions!

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Yes, go for the 5200 over the 1200 - you won't regret it.

The main difference between the MT20 and MT30 packages is that subwoofer - the 30 comes with the PV1, the 20 with the good but not quite so amazing AS2 subwoofer.

You can add extra MT1 speakers to either package to create a 6.1 or 7.1 system.

If you'd prefer the VM series speakers, you can buy these for the front channels, and combine them wit MT1 rear speakers and PV1 subwoofer. Your local B&W dealer will be able to advise on prices.


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