Sony STR-DA5200ES poor video performance


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Jul 24, 2007
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Just read a review on the net which has put doubts in my mind about this receiver
I was hoping to utilise the hdmi outputs from Sky + and my DVD player to upscale the video with this receiver, is it true that its performance in this department is lacking a little?

Will be purchasing either Pioneer 427XD or Panasonic PX70 plasma to go with receiver


First off the 5200ES doesn't upscale HDMI inputs, it'll only upscale analogue inputs and output them to HDMI or component, that's why in that cnet review they used component and S-Video inputs to test the upscaling. Secondly the cnet review is identifying a problem with the 2:3 pulldown primarily, this is needed to deinterlace NTSC video, not PAL video which requires 2:2 pulldown recognition, my own experience is that my (£130 Yamaha) DVD player does a better job of de-interlacing NTSC video. The review felt that when supplied with a progressive source (hence just looking at the scaling rather than the de-interlacing) it did a fairly decent job. My understanding is that it does a decent job of PAL deinterlacing (2:2) although I don't have anything to test that personally (still can't make my mind up what TV I want and my current TV can only handle NTSC progressive).

Sonically it's a fantastic amp, but the advantages over the 3200ES are fairly small and the only reason I got it was that I found a price that was only about £50 more than the best 3200ES price I could find and they had it in stock and the 3200 wasn't!

Most newer amps seem to have video upscaling and I'm not sure of the value of it as if you are spending £600 on an amp you are likely going to spending enough on your DVD player that it will do a better job of upscaling anyway (certainly the Oppo 581 does a far better job for about £180 or so) and all HDTVs will be capable of upscaling. Of course it'll upscale your Sky+ for you, but then again your TV might be a better job of that anyway...