Sony ST-S590ES or Kenwood KT-7020?


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Jun 22, 2011
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I heard many good words about this 2 tuners. ; good reception, precision and amazing sound, .especially for the KT 7020 sound..but equal about Sony 590ES.: good reception, 2 antenna imputs, rds.

Anyone who have experience about this tuners?

Thank's in adavance :)


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Dec 5, 2011
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I recently picked up a Sony S500ES tuner. Very nice, and good price second hand. Reception is good, balanced outputs, solid build.

Not tried any Kenwood tuners. Though I have a Hitachi FT5500 Mk2, which is very good too (again cheap second hand). Previously I had an Arcam Alpha 7 and 8 tuner, both nice smooth sounding, but not very selective; Sugden R21, classic late '60s solid state tuner, lovely sound, but could only tune upto about 102MHz; a Leak Delta Tuner, again not bad, but limited spectrum; Denon 380RDS, pretty bog standard, bit bright sounding, good granularity but didn't standout.

Sony or Kenwood? difficult choice, depends what's available to you right now on the market. The ES stuff, does carry bit of kudos and rep, so may have better resale value in the future. Whereas the Kenwood's strengths are more down to those in the know.


Dear All,

I am new to this forum so hello. Our FM reception ha deteriorated significantly over the last few months particularly characterised by the loss of quality reception when the programme changes, BBC R3 and R4. I thought the solution may be a quality DAB radio however a brief search has left me with no real idea whether paying up to £200 for a new digital recever will cure the problem. DAB reception in our area is said to be reasonable for the BBC national stations.

Thank you

Peter Thompson