Sony S185

Seems it's out of stock. I tried ordering, but when I clicked "checkout", I got the message:

Sorry, we could not place your order as one or more items have now gone out of stock

We have therefore removed the items listed below from your basket:
[*]Sony BDPS185B Blu Ray Player[/list]
sonycentre said:
My god tesco must be losing money hand over fist on this it cost's us more then that to buy them in,but as if the public care...... |(

Tesco would've had a great bargaining power, given its huge presence in the retail sector. If they buy a large number of units from Sony, the price would obviously come down, right?


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May 30, 2009
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Yes Big boss that will be the case but what annoys me is that prices like that water down a brand and makes it feel worthless,and it will be the case of where will it end?.you only have to read the reports on this site to see what had happened to the lcd trade of the big players. :type:
I can see where you're coming from. The main reason for the current TV situation is the rising value of the Yen which is making it difficult for Japanese manufacturers to compete against the Korean brands, apart from the fact that Samsung & LG have produced a surplus of LCD panels in the market. Only China can truly challenge Samsung / LG's supremacy, but there hasn't been a strong brand to influence UK yet.

With regards to blu-ray players, I think it is about time that blu ray players come on par with DVD players price wise. Only then will its penetration improve, which in turn should further spur sales of HD TVs. Good to see Sony taking a lead in it.

Let's not forget that the fastest way of getting out of the current downtrend in sales of HD TVs & blu ray players is by generating interest in the biggest markets in the world: China & India. Sony is a huge brand in India & people have started buying HD TV sets of 32-40 inches. Blu ray players have virtually no presence currently. China & India are not suffering from economic recession like rest of the world. So there's a huge untapped market out there.


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