Sony KLD W900A LED TV delayed


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Aug 10, 2019
Having decided to get a refund for my HX853 55inch TV due to the need to replace the entire LED screen due a a green vertical line on screen in the same place that cannot be electronically fixed......I was looking forward to the W9 range this week ;)

I now heard from a Sony sources in London that it will be June before it is widely avaliable at all retail outlets and that only a few Sony stores will have one or more of the W9 series TV in in May and on preorder only.

I thought of maybe going instead for a Sammy F8000 or Pana 55VT65B TV but could not without knowing what the Sony can do.

Having got the HX853 which had great minimialistic looks and as solid as a granite statute,and under cut all its rivals in 2012, I find the Sammy F8000 looked ralatively plastic like the S3 phones.True, the innards of the TV and performance shows it is a better set(abeit more expensive) but appearance is also my consideration in selection.. As for the Pana' plasmas, the image retention issues cited by users' on their sets means, I could not consider it despite the 'reference' black levels. I need a TV that is a jack of all trades. So I have only the one choice to decide on.

The Sony W9*** is really the Sony HX953(never made it into the UK 2012) model for 2013.

Looking forward to owning this greatest Sony set ever made since the X*** series.And Please no bad backlight issues, and if Samsung can sort that out finally Sony can certainly do the same for a £2.5k set!

It is not cheap but surely this is the final big parade for LED/LCD TVs in 2013 as OLED will rain upon them and be the driving force for 2014 onwards. I can't see how the 2013 LED/LCD could be improved other than more of the same and fixes. If the W9 didn't touted to have the new blue leds along with the quantum dot technology I doubt if I want to pay the extra.

P.S:I am grateful to the dealer to allow me to use my TV till I can swap it over.....I am glad I didn't rush in and get the refund last week and be left with no TV for a month.


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Feb 18, 2008
Which 2013 model are you saying has been delayed? W900A? Reason I'm confused is that the W900 is LCD (edge lit LED backlight) and not full LED as your subject title suggests.


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