Sony KDL **HX923 v **HX823


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Aug 10, 2019
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Has anyone seen a comparison between the Sony KDL-HX923 and the HX823? Does the picture quality of the 923 justify the extra money? My heart says 923, my wallet on the other hand.



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Aug 26, 2010
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As well as the improvement in PQ you have to factor in the extras you get with the 923, 2 pairs of glasses, skype camera and i believe the soundbar stand.


Today I saw a showroom filled with Sony's, including this year's HX820 and HX920 series, and a couple of Philips LCD TV's. Of all the Sony's the HX920 shined the most. When comparing to the HX820 series I must add that I was somewhat disappointed though, as the HX920 series didn't seem to offer all that much more contrast. Last year's Philips 46PFL9705 however, which also boasts a full-led array like the HX920 allegedly does, was quite impressive and seemed to easily outperform the Sony in terms of image quality. Key differentiators for the Philips were the contrast (brighter whites) and - despite its matte screen! - very vibrant while remaining very life-like colours, but also a seemingly better blur reduction in fast moving images (even if both the PFL9705 and the HX920 boasting 400 Hz refresh rate). Laslty the Philips also did a nicer job at upscaling low-resolution video content.

Nevertheless I walked out with the Sony HX920, for a couple of reasons: the Sony has received excellent and very objective reviews across various websites compared to very few equally outstanding reviews for the Philips (though admittedly most seem to have given the Philips a sub-5 star review simply because it lacks a built-in digital tuner, which in the Netherlands and Belgium is not really a problem, we're obliged to rent a specific tuner from the TV cable provider anyway). I may be wrong but the footage which made the Philips shine the most compared to the Sony, was a demo movie from... Philips. I've seen Samsungs shine similarly with demo's from Samsung so I suspect something's wrong there.

Other reasons why I chose the Sony are its unparalleled design, handling and robustness (Sony has Gorilla glass, Philips doesn't), there's the the bundled camera and mic for Skype and 3D glasses, and lastly there's the very nice TV- stand/soundbar with built-in (though modest) subwoofer. Admittedly it will never outperform a real speaker system but it does do a very nice job, better than the Philips one.

Coming back to the HX820 series: unless you want the superior motion blur reduction, skype, and free 3D glasses, the HX820 is probably as good as the HX920. But if you're only into image quality I would really check out that Philips...


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May 3, 2010
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that thread covers mainly the 923's in both sizes, but reports are comming in on the 823's as well, but yeah, it gives you the gist of things at the moment.


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