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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi All

Im planning on purchasing a new tv having owned a Pioneer 428XD for over 4 years the time has come to get something bigger. I will be sitting exactly 7ft away from the screen and have seen the Sony 55HX823 in my local John Lewis and a good price with cashback etc.

My main concern is the edgelit backlighting which personally ive noticed as an issue when watching letterbox films in 2.35 format and on dark scenes, is the 55HX923 in eliminating this problem or justified in paying the extra price?I will not be watching films in complete darkness

I do not have any Sky TV HD or any gaming as I am not interested in these fields my main viewing will be

HD tv

standard definition television

DVD's and normal television viewing

HD and standard freeview,

is the 55HX823 better than the Panasonic 55VT30 or anything from Samsung as a comparison for my viewing needs I know new models from all manufacturers will follow in Spring 2012, any recommendations would be helpful ?.

thanks for any advice wold be appreciated



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Aug 26, 2010
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If you liked you pioneer you might find the Pana a more comparable set to go for. I've seen both the 823 and 923 and must say for me the extra for the 923 is worth the investment if you plan on keeping it for a while, certainly the best lcd tv i've seen.


thanks for the advice everyone

had a look and comparison with the Panasonic VT55 against the sony 823 and the detail levels on the Sony were alot clearer as I was viewing a BBC sports programme and the black cardigan Vinni Jone swas wearing I could see the detail and creases on the cardigan but but not very well on the Panasonic.

My main concern with the panasonic is mainly cosmetic with the frame of the set quite thich as well as the depth of the panel which is significantly thicker than the Sony and anything from Samsung . Im planning on sitting 7ft away and like the slimline sets by far and they are less obtrusive.


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