Sony KDL-46W3000 vs. Pioneer 428(0)XD vs Panasonic TH-42(50)PZ70(0) PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Aug 10, 2019
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Basically I cant decide between sony's new KDL-46W3000 and the highly acclaimed Pioneer PDP-428XD.

Both have excellent reviews and are of a high specification.

The 46 inch sony w3000 can be purchased for around 1500 pounds which is a brilliant value for money.

On the other hand ive seen the pioneer available for the same price. But this does not come with a stand and has a smaller screen. More importantly it is not full HD but this does not seem to affect the quality of the plasma.

I know many of you would go for the Pioneer, but thinking value wise; im getting a bigger screen (still a very good LCD) and full HD along with plenty of other features.

Also what is everybody's opinion of the Pioneer PDP-4280XD, this is available for around £1400 online. This includes a stand but a few features of the 428 are lost such as the 'Intelligent Brightness Control', 'ISF Calibration Ready', and 'Multiscreen Options (PiP/PaP)'. The last feature seems really useful.

On the other hand there is the panasonic TH-42PZ70 which i recently saw in the shop and it was quite fabolous. However I would like the 50inch model which is more expensive than the sony.

The X3000/3500 is too expensive!

I feel im taking too long thinking about it, and just buy one. There all fantastic and I doubt there is that much difference between them. At the moment im on the verge of buying the KDL-46W3000.

Any help would be appreciated.



Iv seen the pioneer running in a store in birmingham and also demoed in a darkened room. Therees only one tv that iv seen out perform the 428xd n thats the pioneer LX508D. Go for plasma, sport and movies on plasma out perform LCD every single time. I wanna get the LX508D but gna wait just a lil longer.


Pioneer 428xd.
or if you need bigger screen Panasonic 50pz70 worth the extra cash over the Sony.
Sony does look very impressive in the shops.


The Panasonic 50pz70 is in fact cheaper than the sony. around 200 pounds.

Is there a major difference than the 50pz70 and 50pz700. The latter costing around 300 pounds more.

I still fancy the sony, the image is quite stunning on that as well, but im sacrificing 4inches of screen size, and does the panny support 24fps?


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