Sony KDL-40V3000 or Sony KDL-40D3500. Which is better?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm just in the middle of a very confusing decision on buying a new flat panel TV. I have narrowed it down to a couple of possible alternatives (with the Pana 37 LZD70 as a backup, although these sony lcds seem to do blacks a bit better). I want a 1080p panel not only for Blue Ray/HD but also for gaming purposes as i have a few games which support 1080p i want to try out.

There are a couple of Sony's i like the look of. Can anyone tell me which is the better lcd? I saw the D3500 in store and it looked incredibly sharp and clear. The V3000 also looked great but it wasnt next to ithe D3500 and it had a different demo running.

I'm struggling. The D3500 is newer and has 100HZ but only has 2 HDMI slots. However, i dont think the V3000 is 100HZ but it has 3 HDMI which i like and i do quite like the gloss black finish.

Which of the are better for colour, motion and blacks sound, etc. Or are they similar panels

I have read the April magazine supertest which gives the Pana 37lcd as the winner but which was'nt as good as couple of others at blacks, and only has 2 HDMI. I like the Sony W3000 but dont quite want to spend that much, which is why I have also discounted getting a 1080p plasma (which obviously do blacks better.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as my head is spinning with the choice.

Of course any other good alternatives would be appreciated.

Thank you!!!


im pretty sure that neither TV is 100Hz, only the X series is 100Hz (im 80% sure ^_^ )

the only difference is the extra HDMI on the KDL40V3000, apart from that its mostly the design.