Sony KDL-32D3000


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Aug 10, 2019
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hi, im thinking of purchasing this lcd tv and wanted to know a few things.

does the 32d3000 have the picture in picture & picture and picture feature that other sony models like the x3500 and the 37p3020 have.

also i have a sony hxd870 dvd recorder which has an hd upscaling feature just wanted to know what it was and how it would work with the 32d3000.

also approxmately when will the next batch of sony bravia models become available.

also is the review of the tv available on the website as i seem to remember that reviews were available on the site last year.


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Yes, the 32D3000 has those features, but it needs an external source to work. The TV only has ONE freeview tuner and so can't provide one freeview picture within another.

The RDR-HXD870 should be connected to the 32D3000 using a HDMI lead. If you do this your standard DVDs will be upscaled to HD. Whilst this is never as good as proper, native HD (ie from a real HD source), it does provide some enhancement of the standard definition picture by means of electronically filling in the missing lines.

There are no new 32" Sony models planned for the immediate future and it is expected that the 32D will run for some time yet. It is Sony's flagship 32" and considerably better than the already talented mid-range T3000 (Sony Centre exclusive in the 32") and S3000 models. The 100Hz/Motionflow works particularly well.


Have you also considered the Panasonic 32lxd700.
It won a group test against the Sony d3000 and Philips 32fl 9632d in issue oct 07 and it won the best 32inc tv award in WHFSAV.
Not just WHFSAV,a few other mags.
And as for your last question above,well the answer is obvious.


i did consider the others but i do prefer sony's as i fairly brand loyal & i already have a sony dvd recorder which makes it easier as its remote can be operated on any sony tv.

in regards to connecting the the hxd870 via the hdmi does it automaticaly upscale the picture.


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