Sony does make OLED TV and the white color patch problem in the top sony LCD is 'false'


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Aug 10, 2019
Just to show you can't rely on magazine opinions....!

1.I hear that it was reported that Sony under the stewardship of an American is deferring OLED TVs till the LCD divisions makes profit again?? Not so, in fact I was at a Sony Centre showroom and saw two OLED screens with Bravia 3 engines! One was in white like a picture frame at 40 inches and the other as thin as the Samsung models on a spinning display at 1900 quid for 40 inch.You know thwy are OLED as they are wafer thin.

Sony is making OLED TV. They are been produced but like the Sumsung use edge OLED this is becoming a thorny issue as Sony also makes a 4k OLED TV with uniform lighting across the screen like the Sharp advert in What Hi Fi.

2.As for the complaints on the Sony top sets loosing a star because of the backlight issue, I did the demo with the sales staff and is not a problem when the TV is showing a appears to disappear over time as I was told.....a TV should be judged with a picture on.

That clears up teo myths around Sony TVs.

I wonder if 2D 1080p is dead as 3D 1080p is now heraded!!! So is OLED just a flash in the pan like the Sony Watchman and Datman???


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