Sony Dav-is 10 setup?!


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a Sony KDL40w2000 TV (with 2 HDMI ports), Sky HD and a PS3 and am thinking of buying the Sony DAV-IS 10 DVD/Surround System, obviously when set up DVD playback will be in glorious 5.1 surround sound, but when i connect the SKY HD and PS3 to the DAV-IS will it still produce true surround sound with these as well? (or would i need to invest in a seperate AV reciever) and if so what is the best way to connect the kit?

I was thinking of connecting the SKYHD to the TV using a good quality HDMI cable and using a HDMI switch box to connect DVD and PS3 to the second HDMI port on the TV, this done what would be the best way to connect the system to get the most out of the audio?


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Dec 28, 2007
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How you hook your HDMI connections up to the TV won't make any difference to the audio if you want it all to come from your DAV-IS10. The problem you have here is, you have 3 inputs, (Sky HD, PS3 and DVD) all vying for 5.1 glory! Both Sky HD and PS3 only have digital optical outputs for sound (not including HDMI, given the DAV-IS10 doesn't have HDMI inputs from what I can see) and you don't mention what your DVD player is (unless it's the PS3 but the second paragraph suggests against that).

If they are all using optical outs (and you want them all to pass through your surround amp), you'll need an optical splitter (like this one). This will allow you to plug them all into your amp without having to keep unplugging and plugging optical connectors in!

I should note, this based on getting current DVD standard sound formats out, like Dolby Digital and DTS5.1. If you're looking for the HD sounds from the PS3 (as found on Blu-Ray discs), you'll need an amp / receiver capable of receiving the PCM signals decoded by the PS3 via HDMI.



I'm thinking of getting this little Sony, a little nervous of the volume issues people have mentionned as I have a largeish room, but I can't beleive it's that bad as surely it would have been raised in the mag review?

Anyway, people have mentionned stands for the speakers and an ipod dock. Where can you buy these? I've googled but no joy! Also would anyone recommend a retailer for the actual unit as well?

Thanks in advance


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