Sony 55W829 or Samsung 55H6400

Mr HiDef

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Mar 3, 2015
Hi WHF forum members,

I have joined this forum as I am looking to purchase a new 55 inch 3D tv.

The two that interest interest me are the Sony 55W829 and the Samsung 55H6400. My budget is around 700-750.

I have read the reviews and there does not seem to be much between them although I have read about DSE, stutter and soap opera effect on the Samsung and poor 3D on the Sony aswel as orangey reds.

As it will be my first 3d tv would like the 3d to be atleast decent so that is a factor. However, the main priorities are 2d HD and SD for normal tv broadcasts. Some gaming will also be done but I have a separate setup for that. Don't want a tv with horrendous input lag though.

Thanks in advance for the help guys.

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I'd go for the Sony it is the safest bet. Gaming good, reliable HD and SD picture. Sony's also handle motion well too. John Lewis are doing it for £770 at present and you get a free stand. Any problems like you don't like it get it collected free of charge and then John Lewis will deliver the Samsung for you.

What The Tech

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Feb 11, 2015
I would go with the Sony W829, the screen uniformity is very good for an edge LED TV. The motionflow control is excellent. And Home cinema choice rate the W829 higher than the H6400. Go test the 3D out in store, i for one can't fault Sony for gaming or for 3d viewing!


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