Sonos ZP120 and which ceiling speaker / s for a bathroom


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Nov 30, 2010
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Hi all,

Option A, was hoping some of you may have some experience and / or opinions on a decent set of ceiling speakers to partner a ZP120 in a bathroom ceiling.

Its a largish room (12' x 8') and doesnt get too steamed up, speakers will not be positioned over bath or shower. The single speaker with twin directional tweeters would suit the layout of the ceiling but can't quite get my head around paying £400 for the ZP120 to run just one speaker! (could I put another one in another room and use the balance control to turn one off? Or do you still need both speaker cable runs for each speaker?)

Could just as easily rearrange the layout for 2 speakers - so would appreciate any advice and / or recomendations you may have.

Option B would be to have a rectangular grill in the ceiling with a Play 3 securely fixed above it in the loft space facing downwards, maybe boxed around to make sure the sound all comes downwards? I am aware that this may be a particularly hare-brained idea and may break many safety regs - In which case please tell me I'm an idiot and point me in the right direction for option A :)



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Dec 13, 2008
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OK I am thinking about the same. Firstly, I discussed it with a Sonos rep at a hifi show and he was clear thatnone of their units are suitable for bathrooms/showers, even with an extractor fan like I have. I asked about a S3 pointing downwards and he said that the steam would still be detrimental. Secondly, building regs and insurance companies virtually stop you from doing anything electrical in a bathroom, unless it is by an electrician and certified, which means EXPENSIVE. My bathroom is just over 2m x 2.5m and I don't really need the same sound quality as the rest of the house. So i have a ZP90 in the study feeding an amp that has A/B buttons for different sets of speakers. Setting A feeds the Mission M70s in the study, setting B will feed the bathroom on low cost speaker cable through the loft space to passive speakers in the bathroom. At the moment I can't find any that will put up with the steam at reasonable cost. So I am thinking of using some small computer speakers at the moment as it doesn't involve big holes in the ceiling and moving around all the loft insulation. I have also aquired speakers , crossover and tweeters from out of a Mission stereo pair, just looking for an inconspicuous grill that I can spray white. I experimented with a downward firing box on an old piece of plaster board. Not the best it must be said. Whilst i stand to be corrected, I think purpose designed speakers are the way forward if you go this route. Please take allok at for some ideas.


The Sonos unit is quite expensive for this kind of thing, have you considered buying a couple of in-car speakers that would easily fit into the ceiling? You could have longish speaker wires that trail to the Sonos amp which is then located well away from the bathroom in a more accessible place.


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