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Sonos S2 up: everything you need to know


May 9, 2020
Curious as to integration/support for Google Home and Amazon Alexa. If they drop support for these popular systems, Sonos runs the risk of becoming irrelevant in the minds of their tech-savy, younger clients. If they allow full integration, then both S1 and S2 generations of products can be controlled and brought together by Google/Amazon. It will be odd to have a 3rd party have better control than the Sonos app itself. Sonos' strength has always been its software and breaking their products into S1 and S2 runs the risk of giving up that advantage.
I have a house full of S1 gear. Moving forward, I am now open to leaving Sonos behind since new gear will not speak to my older stuff. There is now a lot of competition in this space where Sonos used to be alone.



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