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Jun 1, 2022
There are hundreds of users who have had bricked Sonos systems for over 4 weeks now, they've rushed out these new products and left users with $2000+ home entertainment systems operating as giant paper weights. I'd suggest you report on Sonos' lack of acknowledgement, support or fixes and encourage new users to be wary of this 'premium' brand (Find more info in Sonos' 'Home Theater' support forums)
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Jun 1, 2022
I agree with the previous comment. I only bought 2 sonos products (fortunately for me), a pair of Sonos Play 1's. After initial faultless setup they worked flawlessly for months. then suddenly became totally unreliable. I trace the problem back to an incompatibility issue between the app software firmware/ and the stuff installed on the box's themselves... they conflict.. sometimes one works for anything from less that a second to several seconds... then cuts out... rarely both work at same time. If I force my system to use a small IP block for fixed IP and force the play 1's to use fixed IP... the problem goes away. ( and this has nothing to do with my wifi capabilities... the devices are just as useless direct RJ45 wired). The devices worked fine for months, then using identical network in same house they became hopeless. Their 'technical' support was useless... Please avoid Sonos kit... all they want to do is force you to buy their latest 'box' they have no idea or interest in customer support


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Apr 4, 2022
Curious to hear how this might sound in a smaller setting, I heard an A/B comparison with the Beam 2. Beam sounded fuller, predictably, but vocals were more veiled and diffused than on the Ray. Ray did sound a little hollow (unsurprising given that the enclosure also feels hollow by comparison), but clarity was better regardless. Those dual tweeters (vs single tweeter on Beam) work quite nicely.


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