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Jim Conway

Jan 21, 2020
I’ve just received an email from SONOS informing me that there will be no more software updates for three of my Sonos units - including two Play:5 units. They will become obsolete as software updates leave them behind - and will bring my whole system down.
Over the years, I have loved my SONOS system and encouraged friends and family to buy it.
But now I know that their system has a short shelf life, I say beware.
Just think that potential customers should know this before buying SONOS’s relatively expensive system.
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Jan 10, 2009
I’ve got 5 Sonos devices that are affected, all about 5 years old.
There’s not much s/h value in them these days, so I’ll just keep using them until they are no longer able to work properly.
Thanks a lot Sonos and no, I won’t be buying any more products from you, even with a useless 30% trade-in offer.
I have enjoyed using my Sonos system, but now there’s no way I’d recommend this brand to anyone.


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Jan 23, 2020
I have been a hifi enthusiast for over 30 years. I finally sacrificed sound quality for convenience and bought 6 pieces of Sonos equipment for plugging into existing legacy Amps and bringing sound to new rooms.

The experience has been painful with intermittent reliability but the main issue is that after spending over £2k ALL of that investment is now obsolete since Sonos have just announced they are withdrawing support for my devices, they offer 30% of the value against new products (yeah right, as if I am going to do that)

Sonos are the only equipment manufacturer I can think of that you buy a product from, then the company decides to effectively destroy it remotely (other than Apple of course). they are effectively hiring the device to you with payment upfront for 5 years. Its a recurring revenue model that is hidden from the consumer.

My Dual, Thorens, Nakamichi, B&W, REL, Denon equipment still works very well, some of it after 35 years and if it needs a new drive belt etc I can buy one for a few pounds or have the equipment repaired, (although I've never had too)

I urge anyone considering buying Sonos to look at alternatives unless they they are prepared for their investment to disappear via a remote update at a random stage in the future. The nagging fear in the back of your mind that would prevent me from enjoying anything whilst I owned it. The fact that a company I once believed in do this deliberately to their early adopters, brand ambassadors leaves me seething.

I will never buy sonos again, I recommend nobody else starts...
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Sep 25, 2008
Sonos used to be the best music streaming system available.

The company has killed the product - DO NOT BUY
In the interests of balance: (with thanks to bigboss)

For the sake of accuracy:
1. You will stop getting updates from May - this won't stop your devices working (but see 2), but you won't get any new features after this date
2. If one of the connected apps - e.g. Spotify, Deezer, Tune-in,etc. change anything to the way you connect/stream from their services that requires an update to the Sonos app/device, you won't get it and this service could stop working - which is an unquantifiable risk.
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Jan 23, 2020
Just to bring this up to date slightly with the official announcement from Sonos, to quote their website...

We don’t expect any immediate impact to your experience, but access to services and overall functionality will eventually be disrupted, particularly as partners evolve their own services and features

This says WHEN not IF.

You can read Sonos' statement here and also the response from existing Sonos customers, most if not all vow never to buy Sonos again.

I don't believe any Sonos customer was told that their investment would be worthless within 5 years, it says this no where on the packaging.

Sonos announcement and customer responses



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