Songs that make you Happy and Sad.


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Mar 20, 2009
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One song that brings a smile to your face. And one that brings a tear to your eye. For me, "Love Remembered" by Focus, brings the tear. "A Tune For Jack" by Lemon Jelly, brings the smile.


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Oct 14, 2007
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I had given my dad my old computer as he was always wanting to get to know how to get his old music onto his mp3 player. We'd sit after dinner time when I went round to visit and I'd sit and take him through the step by step. About three weeks before he was taken into hospital... he sat and said that there was this song which his own father and he liked a lot called 'Oh my papa' and said how the lyrics were nice. I'd never heard of it and the only download that I could get was this orchestra sound with females kind of harmonising in the background.

My dad passed away a few short weeks after this visit and I had to get the song for myself to see how it sounded.... Oh my ... makes me weep a little when I listen to it (every time too ... and I'm not a big girl's blouse either).

It also makes me happy as when listening to it I remember him in a real good way and knowing that both my dad and his dad before him... had said they liked it as well.


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Oct 2, 2007
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A Female Polish singer who I've fancied for years, wish I could have met her and married her!

Fantastic voice, gorgeous brunette too!

Barbara Trzetrzelewska or better known as "Basia"

Song, Drunk on love.

That makes me happy, makes me think of home in Jersey, hot summer, sandy beaches, me blasting this song out of my old Ford Fiesta XR2.

I had this track of hers on a TDK MAX-G cassette, played via my Clarion ICE through a Troy Ambisonic surround sound converter (anyone remember those?) and Pioneer speakers.

Yup! them were happy days....

Sad one?

Too many of them to be specific.


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