Small wall mounted speakers -- recommendations? Neat Motive 3?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've got an old Arcam Alpha system with a pair of Royd Topaz speakers. For many years it's been great, but sadly over the last year or two the foam has disintegrated in the speakers, so I now need to replace them (Royd don't exist any more so sadly I can't get the speakers repaired).

The problem I've got is that the speakers are small (only 19 cm deep), and they are wall mounted which means that they're only 10 cm off the wall. For various reasons including the fact that the room is small, and used by young children I need to find a replacement that can also be wall mounted, isn't going to protrude much more than these (i.e. ~30 cm), and is going to sound okay this close to the rear wall.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Price isn't a primary issue (within reason!).

One of the only speakers I can find that is small enough is the Neat Motive 3. Any one know whether this will tolerate the positioning? Or the Neat Petite SX (although I'd rather not spend quite that much)


Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
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You need look no further than Spendor's SR5 wall mounted speakers.

They were reviewed as a stereo pair many years ago and got the full 5 stars.

Do a Google search and you'll see they can be had for as little as £400 depending on the finish.

EDIT: I've done a search of specs and it seems like they only go down to about 90hz. Therefore you may find them a bit bass-light, You could of course fill out the sound with a sub if it was an issue.

John Duncan

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Don't know the Spendors, but I'd add AVI Neutron V (or s/h Neutron IV or Tannoy Revolution R1) to the options, as well as the Usher S520, which despite a lukewarm review here, I like very much on the end of a friend's ageing Cyrus system - though their depth is getting towards the upper end of your limit.


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