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Small monster systems?


New member
Aug 10, 2019
Looking to get a mini/micro system with DAB, CD and can deliver large sound when needed ( I like loud with quality and wife likes small!) i.e. 100w per channel (small speakers to go with) . Are there any makes (systems) I should be looking at. Looked at Teac Reference 600, Denon , marantz, valve amps to boost an all in one system etc but getting lost! Got a 1000 to 1500 to play with. Small and sexy with pleny of umph when needed, any suggestions?


Thanks piano, had a quick look, does look good, couldnt work out if it came with speakers - but yeah along the lines of what I was thinking of, would still like the DAB element tho. Any other ideas?


Well-known member
Nov 23, 2007
The Linn comes without speakers but would leave enough in your budget to invest in some good quality ones.

Unfortunately the other such system I would recommend hearing also lacks DAB. Its the Audio Analogue Enigma, which incorporates CD, analogue radio, and amplifier with a valve stage in one shoe-box sized unit for about £850. Very musical little system that would work well with a pair of £500 speakers.

The Teac Reference 600 you mention might be well worth a look. It has been developed by the Esoteric team (behind Teac's high-end brand) and provides all the features you are looking for. I've not heard the 600 but my Dad has the 300MkIII and, for the money, it really is a superb system.

Finally, have you considered the Arcam Solo Mini or Arcam Solo Music? They are not to my taste at all (I'm not an Arcam fan) but many people rave about them and they would give you the features you are looking for.