Small lcd for conservatory


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Aug 19, 2007
Hi Looking for a lcd up to 19" for the conservatory. Not wanting to spend to much as it will mainly be watched by little ones. Built in dvd would be great but not essential. Oh also don't really want to go above £200 mark. Is this possible?. Don't really want to buy portable crt . Any ideas? Ta Howard

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
Hi Howard,

Sadly, LCD prices don't diminish as fast as their screen sizes as they get smaller. A good 19-20in Freeview set (such as the excellent Toshiba 20W330D) will set you back @£330.

Even the watchable-but-not-superb Daewoo and DMTech LCD/DVD combos don't come cheap - think @£270 for a 19in set. You may have to opt for a 15- or 17in version to fit in your budget - watch out for lack of Freeview tuner (unless you really are only going to watch DVDs), and as I said, don't expect miracles on the picture front.

Sure the kids won't mind a touch of picture noise on DVDs, though...


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