Sky SD Box - Connections - RGB / Fullywired scart / Component?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, I would appreciate any help or advice. I've got an old old sky box at least 8 years old and I recently bought a LCD 32" HD Ready TV. At the moment my sky box is connected to the TV via a standard cheap composite SCART to SCART lead. The picture is pretty poor - very pixelated. I want to improve the picture so I bought a scart plug to 3 RGB RCA Plugs but it produces no picture when wired up. Is this because my SKY Box is crippled in old age thus unable to send/recieve RGB or is it the TV or is it the lead? My LCD has Scart, Component or HDMI input and my SKY box has scart and s-video output. 1. If I bought a new SKY sd box (SKY+?) would I then have a picture using the cable I have? 2. Would I have a better picture with a RGB Scart to Scart lead or a fully wired Scart to Scart than the Scart plug to 3 RGB RCA Plugs I already have? (Which one would you recommend as the best?) Thanks

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Well, you're getting no picture via that lead as the TV is expecting component video via the cable, and your Sky box is at best delivering RGB. But without knowing which Sky box it is, I don't even know if it's delivering RGB - is there an option in the display or video menu of the box to set it to output RGB rather than S-video or composite video?

So the answer to 1) is no, and the answer to 2) is that you might get a better picture with a fully wired or RGB Scart, but only if the Sky box can output RGB. The Sky+ one can, but I don't know whether your old Sky box is able to.


Thanks Andrew. It can output RGB, I'll try a RGB scart or a fully wired. Cheers.


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