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Sky Q


Oct 30, 2020
SkyQ is great in theory but in practice the sound over HDMI constantly drops out (worst on downloads, recordings and streaming). Sky engineer's are completely incapable of rectifying this issue and seem to have an attitude that it doesn't exist (read all the various online forums, including Sky's own, and you'll see how severe the issue is!).
Sky helpdesk can only suggest connecting via optical not HDMI - fine for good old 5.1 sound but OPTICAL DOES NOT SUPPORT DOLBY ATMOS!!
When I tried explaining that I'd upgraded to a 4k TV, and spent £2k on an Atmos sound system and that's why I'd upgraded to SkyQ, they simply could not understand the difference between Atmos and DolbyD.
Customer service over this has been shocking - 3 months in to my upgrade and mot enjoyed a single movie yet without repeated sound dropout (anything from a split second upto 2-3 seconds at a time). This is not a broadcast / download issue as can rewind and replay and sound is there for that moment, so clearly an issue with HDMI circuitry or software.

Very poor show from Sky!

Sliced Bread

Well-known member
Jul 28, 2010
We dropped Sky years ago and honestly haven’t missed it. There is so much out there that it’s just not necessary to have a box broadcasting repeats and the occcssional good show.

Instead we use Netflix, Prime abs Freeview which has LOADS of high quality programs and it still undercuts Sky on price enormously.


Dec 28, 2020
Five stars?!? Really?! As good as television gets?!? Bullsh*t. You clearly didn't live with the box for any length of time or compare it to other services in terms of picture and sound quality. The box in its current form is not fit for purpose. Sound drop-outs, unusable apps due to buffering, awful picture quality, the list goes on. You're a mug if you think Sky's service is worth paying for.