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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, im looking to install Sky plus (Not HD) on the cheap, ive found a guy selling an almost brand new box just a few miles from me, im sure my dad fitted the sky originally to the family home years and years ago, so im sure he can do this for me but i have a number of questions.

1.What is the telephone line for?

2. Do i need to have it or not?

3. Where can i get an ariel from are there better of worse ones to go for?

4.What about wiring, will it pay off in picture quality if i upgrade the wire?

5.what if something goes wrong with the box, it is without warrenty, but will sky fix it (with a charge of course) if i didn't buy it from them and they never iunstalled it.

All help is greatfully recieved!


My understanding is that SKY+ is a subscription only option and won't work without a subscription and the phone line connected. If you are looking for pvr functionality then you can just add a dvd/pvr (from Pioneer/Sony) which has Guide+ to a standard SKY digibox. This will control the SKY digibox i.e. change channel etc when recording and give you the same sort of functionality without the subscription charge. If you don't have a SKY digibox already you can get a SKY Freestat box for £150 including box/dish and installation. It's not a cheap option but it is subscription free. You get the same channels as Freeview minus E4/More4. Of course if you live in a Freeview area then that is an easier option. A SKY Freestat box does not need to be connected to a phone line but my understanding is that a standard SKY digibox does. You can also get a SKY Freestat card to allow a standard SKY digibox to view the SKY Freestat programmes. This might work with the SKY+ box but I doubt it.


I am going to subscribe so it shouldn't be a problem, and iv'e just descovered my flatmate is going to take round his sky as he would have to pay the subscription anyway for the next 7 months. But im still going to make a bid on the sky plus box.


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