sky hd sound through pioneer home cinema


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Aug 10, 2019
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hi there

i am after some advice on my home cinema set up to get me back into the wifes good books.

i have just purchased the following kit.

pioneer pdp-4280xd plasma

pioneer dcs-370 home cinema system

sky hd.

the problem i have is that as per the home cinema booklet when i am playing music or dvd through the system the sound is great,however i assumed that i would be able to feed the digital output from the sky hd box into the dcs 370,only to discover no optical or coaxial input.i should have paid more attention to the dcs spec,so the question i have is what is the best way to get a result with the sky sound problem,i am thinking of going down the route of a multichannel receiver ie denon avr 1508 or the cambridge azur 340r.i dont even know if this is correct.any advice would be great.

thanks in advance


currys wont take the home cinema back as it is not faulty.

advice still required thanks


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