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Aug 28, 2007
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I seem to have a bit of a problem with lip sync from my Sky HD box. I have the audio being fed through my Onkyo 875 via Optical cable, but the picture being sent direct to the TV via HDMI. On the SkyHD box I currently have the optical output delay set to 0ms, which is fine on all HD channels, but on non HD channels it seems slightly out of sync unless i set it to 40ms. As a test I listened to a normal Sky channel with both the audio from the TV and Onkyo and I hear an echo, which only disappears when the output delay is set to 40ms, but the same test with HD there is no echo at 0ms but anything higher causes it. So audio by HDMI to the TV is unaffected, it's just via optical and the required delay differs between SD and HD channels. Does anyone else have this problem? Could it be because of my 10 meter optical cable (soon to be reduced)? Any other ideas??


I do get lip sync problems sometimes but not for long. I'd recommend you run hdmi and optical from the Sky box to the amp and then hdmi from the amp to the TV, let the amp do the sound/vision switching.



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