Site update this morning - see you soon!

Clare Newsome

New member
Jun 4, 2007
Just to let you know the site will be down for a while this morning while we introduce some new search functionality that'll come online over the next few days (watch our Blogs for the lowdown later today!)

Look on the bright side - you may get some work done....

We'll be back by lunchtime - see you then.

Andy Clough

New member
Apr 27, 2004
OK folks, were back on line. You'll now find a nice new shiny Search box on al lthe Forum pages, and we'll be adding Advanced Search files throughout the day and over the weekend.

Just to explain, at the moment you'll just see a 'Brand' and 'Sort by' pulldown menu in each of the product categories. I now have to enter all the new Advanced Search fields into the Content Management system before they'll appear on the live site.

I'm going to start with Televisions now, so that should be up and running by mid-afternoon, then I'll gradually work through each of the product categories in home cinema and hi-fi, adding the extra filters as I go along.

The entire process will probably take a couple of days, but as soon as I've completed the first few categories with Advanced Search I'll let you know and you can start to play with the new functionality. No doubt you'll let me know if there are any snags!

Thanks for your patience.



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