Simple guy needs simple speakers.


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Aug 10, 2019
For the past 18 years I've listened to everything through an NAD 3240PE and a pair of Allison CD-6 speakers. I recently retired the NAD and replaced it with a Cambridge Audio 340A. (nice sound, but not as full sounding, or nearly as loud as the NAD...anyone agree? both are rated at 40W) Anyhow, speakers are next. I wouldn't even be thinking about replacing the Allisons if it weren't for a rip in the (pre-foam) surrounds. I'm not very DIY, and places in NYC want an arm and a leg to do the repair. Sooo...can anyone recommend a replacement for the CD-6s? They had amazing bass (8" woofers) and nice tight mids and highs. I've read good stuff about Monitor Audio RS1s, but with a 6" woofer, I wonder if these would have enough low end for me. My budget is under $1000 US. The closer to $500 the better. I listen to a good amount of electronica and hip hop, lots of Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Elbow, Zeppelin, Monk, The Streets, Bent, Kate Rogers, it goes on and on. My listening space is small, about 10' wide by 7' deep. The speakers face a brick wall; my back is to that wall. Thanks!


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Jul 20, 2007
Hi Know this doesn't actually answer your question but I thought you may want to consider contactng Allison for advice

Apologies for rubbish tping, the cat is trying to sit on th ekeyboard


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Jan 18, 2008
[quote user="mcdj"]The speakers face a brick wall; my back is to that wall[/quote]

If threatened, go on the offence ... fight your way out of there tiger.

To your question, the MA's have soft and limited bass. I would say you get more of what you like with the cheaper BR2's. However, you have a small room, small amp and a budget to get something better ... Rega's R3. They are easy to drive, look great and I've heard them with very expensive components sounding better than with any of rega's own stuff.


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