silver hydra extreme mains cable


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have come across a 4 way mains cable called the SILVER Hydra EXTREME on sale from an ebay store called audio friendly, does anybody have any experience of this. This will be my first purchase of a mains cable and so am cautious but keen to buy a cost effective solution.


hi, i was in your shoes not too long ago - i ended up buying a "no-name" mains cable off ebay - however, i did buy it from a well established ebay shop and it was obvious it was made of high-quality components. the cable itself did make a noticeable improvement to my system and i ended up getting a second lead for my cd player!
here is a link to the shop i speak off (i am not affaliated with them however i am extremely pleased with their products and customer service):
the leads i bought were very similar to the silver plated ones they are now selling for 40 GBP - these would make an ideal starting point IMHO.
of course if you want to get the best then 120 GBP will get you a SOLID SILVER (!!!!!!) mains lead.
best of luck!


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